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Mofufus Sports (2012 - Present)
Mofufus Basketball (2001-2011)

Mofufus Basketball is a basketball organization created by several former players from the Alpine Striders, a renowned basketball team among the local Chinese American communities. Mofufus proudly serves the local Asian American communities within the San Gabriel Valley who may be interested in a competitive, fun and safe atmosphere. Their basketball leagues offer many divisions that accommodate all of the players based on their individual skill level.

With the support of devoted players and loyal supporters, Mofufus has grown tremendously over the years. The league originally started with only 8 teams and has since grown to over 100 teams per season. The league offers games year round with three seasons - Winter, Spring and Fall. Each season consists of 10 games, including any playoffs.

Mofufus also offers youth clinics and camps throughout the year. Clinics are catered to kids with minimal to intermediate experience looking to improve and gain confidence on the courts. Clinics are for kids ages 5 to 17 years. Mofufus also plans to launch their youth league starting in January of 2019 and moving forward to start tournaments for youth of all ages.

Mofufus also has plans to provide services for and venture into other sports in the future. In addition to the regular seasonal league games, Mofufus also indulges their teams in annual events. Every year, Mofufus hosts their annual Halloween Tournament in an effort to bring out the best of the local Asian American basketball teams. In August 2011, Mofufus celebrated their 10th year anniversary by hosting a Player’s Appreciation Party in Los Angeles for their teams and supporters. Mofufus also organizes fundraising and charity events to support and give back to the local Asian American communities.


Mofufus’ mission is to promote athletics, fitness, health and the overall benefits of sports to the local Asian American communities; to provide a competitive, fun and safe atmosphere; to create an environment, community, network and friends through sports; to create character, good sportsmanship, discipline and ethics.

"living life through the game of basketball..."